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What is NETIMIS?

NETIMIS is a web based software simulation tool which uses intelligent simulation to visually explore the way in which organisations deliver care pathways using time, patient demographics, probabilities and costs. NETIMIS allows organisations to adopt and extract maximum calculate from pathway modelling with the NETIMIS tool and to fully realise its benefits. By using NETIMIS to model a variety of different pathways, the core business architecture of any organisation becomes more clear and easier to grasp.

With the use of NETIMIS, the current state process of any system/pathway can be mapped and the opportunity to explore a futuristic and hypothetical state provided. This can be done with using the multiple features that NETIMIS provides:

  • Modelling — Creating and editing models with the options to experiment with time, patient demographics, probabilities and costs.
  • Data Analysis — PDF and CSD outputs of patient level data
  • Model Publication — Models made available to the public as 'Showcase' examples as well as organisational folders to share models to all staff that have access to the folder.
  • Model Comparisons — Compare two models visually, side by side, to be able to compare the differences within the models. As well as being able to download a PDF report comparing activities such as cost and time.
  • Sharing — Share models with colleagues, even those that don't have a NETIMIS account.


Enable better visualisation of the challenges/bottlenecks within the current process as well as helping to eliminate risks through simulating what the future looks like before anything is implemented

Simulation and understanding of alternative states/models with the implementation of change

Provides proof of concept and evidence that change can be successful

Provides the opportunity to explore hypothetical states as a means of determining capacity and resources required to provide efficient care

Invest wisely by offering a means to experiment with change before taking risks with costing service redesign projects

Diagnose problems by microscopic and macroscopic modelling

Explore possibilities by experimenting with various possible interventions

Build a depth of understanding and consensus agreement by sharing visual models of current and planned pathways

The Team

X-Lab has experienced Business Analysts that have formal qualifications, training and will help you get started with NETIMIS. Some of these skills and experiences include:

  • Certified Business Analysts
  • Software development in commercial and public-sector organisations
  • Health Informatics research
  • Design and Implementation of complex distributed systems
  • User interface design
  • ITIL standard support services
  • Certified project and programme management approaches: PRINCE2 and MSP

Case Studies

As well as customers using NETIMIS accounts to create their own models and 'what-if' scenarios, X-Lab has worked alongside different organisations to support the creation of the patient pathways and conduct data analysis work of datasets to be included in the pathways. Please see Case Studies for some examples of the work that has been completed in NETIMIS.